Tuesday, March 24, 2009

These UFO's Take Up Space

Well, if you’ve made it this far, you now know pretty much my entire mini history. Oh there are bits and pieces I left out, but at some point as we go along, I’m sure I’ll touch upon them. But for now, it’s time to focus on the present.

I promised to talk about ideas, tips, projects and suggestions through this blog, and believe me, that is a tall order. One hardly knows where to begin. I guess I could start with what I am currently working (or planning to) work on; my U.F.O.’s. Of course I am referring to my Un-Finished Objects. We all have them, and we are all going to finish them, even though we will probably need to live to be 120 in order to do it (and still that will require working around the clock for a couple of those years!).

I have never stopped to count my UFO’s; I don’t want to know how many there are. I know of a club that held a contest to see which member had the most, and the winner had 186! I envy her, because I knew she has been a miniaturist for a long time. Normally people would probably draw the conclusion that miniaturists are procrastinators; not so. We are actually “Visionaries with short attention spans”. In our minds we come up with wonderfully creative ideas for projects that we begin in all earnest with the best of intentions. Then suddenly, we see a new idea, or attend another workshop, or spot another project that draws us in. We set aside the current project just for a moment (we’ll get right back to it) and start collecting pieces for the new project. And before we even realize it, the cycle begins anew.

Rather than admit that I have a problem, I have invented a creative way to justify it. I have convinced myself that I probably don’t have all the right bits and pieces that I will ultimately need to create the perfect vision I have planned. Therefore, when I tire of a project… excuse me ... when I find I don’t have all the needed items … I place all of what I do have in a neat little plastic shoebox and label it accordingly, so I can add to it, as I find the “missing” necessities. So currently I have boxes labeled Chinese Restaurant, Penny Arcade, Egyptian Museum, 50’s Diner, Miniature Mini Shop, Pet Shop, Bakery … well, you get the idea. Yes, I do have my share of UFO’s. Then, of course, there are all the boxes that are filled with miscellaneous pieces of all types and labeled according to category, such as “plants” “western” “food” and so on, which are meant for projects yet unknown. Okay, so I may be a little slow in completing things, but I insist on credit for being organized.

Now this is not to say that I never finish anything. But in order to really see anything to completion, I need a motivation. That usually translates to “deadline”. Most of the projects I have finished have gotten done because they had to be completed to be given as a gift, exhibited in a show, or entered in a contest. If it weren’t for deadlines, I might never finish a project. But whatever the reason, on occasion I do finish projects. And most of them turn out just fine, even though I am sure I should have waited until I had just the right piece that was probably missing…

This 50's Boy's Bedroom Had To Be Finished For This Year's NAME State DayWorkshop In Sacramento


  1. I wish I could write like you! Your stories just keep you wanting to read more. Just me next door!

  2. I'm with you on the deadline thing, that seems to be the only way I ever finish a project! Btw, you know I love that boy's room!

  3. “Visionaries with short attention spans”....ROFL.

    Next time Mick questions all the unfinished bits that are taking over the place I know exactly what my reply will be :-)

  4. I love that, "visionaries with short attention spans". The boy's room is great, any mini boy would love it.

  5. “Visionaries with short attention spans”....such a perfect description! I love it!