Saturday, March 21, 2009

Beware the "D" Word

Miniatures are something that I've always found fascinating and something that stirred a passion within me. When I say miniatures I don’t mean the “war gaming” kind of miniatures, although that’s probably what comes to mind whenever you hear a guy talk about miniatures. No, I mean the other kind of miniatures… you know… tiny things… little copies of everyday items. I am always so reluctant to say “dollhouse miniatures”, because somehow I find the vision of a 60-something man playing with a dollhouse somewhat disturbing. And on more than one occasion the use of the word “dollhouse” within the context of my conversation has raised eyebrows. For that reason, I often find myself trying to validate my passion by using terminology that doesn’t end up making me look odd. Therefore when someone gives me that puzzled look and says: “What kind of miniatures?” I use terms like “scale reproductions” and “diminutive copies” or “architectural replicas”, almost anything to avoid using the “D” word!

Of course, when talking with my fellow miniaturists, there is no need to clarify, and I can openly come out of my miniature closet and admit that I really do like dollhouses! Even so, although I did make one I am still attempting to sell, I don’t really “do” dollhouses. I have room boxes, vignettes and miniature scenes in a variety of containers, but alas, no dollhouses. And not because I wouldn’t love to have an architectural replica of a beautiful anti bellum mansion; but because in reality I just don’t have the space.

So what is the intent of this blog you’re probably asking? Well, friends (the few who manage to tolerate or accept my idiosyncrasies) acknowledge that I do have a bit of a talent for writing, that I am passionate about anything I am involved in, and that I am definitely outspoken. It seems that today anyone who can string together a series of words into a legible sentence and has an opinion on any topic is blogging. So I guess that makes me about as qualified as any to write about my views on the miniature hobby. But more than just my opinions, through this blog I hope to share some tips and ideas, pass on some of my experience (especially the things I did wrong!) and in general create a forum where we can chat about minis and exchange ideas. Maybe it will even become an online clubhouse.

“Ahem… The meeting will now come to order…”

Oh yeah, as for my expertise on the subject… well, I think that will make a great second post, so hopefully that will be enough of an enticement to get you to come back and read more…


  1. Great first post, Cary! Welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. Hey Cary....GREAT to see you over here...look forward to reading more :-)


  3. Gaye said there would be dips and chips and other snacks here too. Cary you are doing quite the service in blogging about miniature tips and how to, your talents are amazing and I can't wait to see photos here.

  4. Love your writing style, Cary. Welcome to the world of blogging. Looking forward to your tips and all the general stuff that will find its way here.